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Industrial Racking & Storage System

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Industrial Racking System

AM12 is a highly versatile system that is suitable for small, medium and large installations. It is produced in three versions: light (L), medium (M) and heavy (P), each of which is different due to the use of steel strips of varying thickness. This ensures solutions to a vast range of needs, thanks to the possibility to adjust the load capacity of the frames, guaranteeing an excellent combination of technical performance and economic benefits. The special design of the uprights means all the beams can be used on any type of frame. The ends of the beams are fitted with brackets, comprising 4 or 5 hooks, on three sides of the upright.

Multipurpose Shelving MPS

MPS shelves feature innovative, patented characteristics. Made from just one single piece manufactured exclusively by forming, these have a Z-shaped longitudinal section that avoids the need for braze-welding or spot welding, as often found on similar products. This solution, as well as ensuring significant strength, offers high capacities and avoids safety problems, as all accessible sharp edges have been eliminated. Depending on the size of the shelves, in addition, storage containers with mobile dividers can be used for storing small- or medium-sized loose material.

Long - SPAN Mezzanine Floor LSM8

The LSM8 system guarantees maximum performance using minimum material. Each component is optimised right from the design stage: assembly is simple, fast and easy to plan, reducing any inconvenience on the installation site. As the LSM8 items are only bolted, all the components are delivered ready for assembly, and consequently finished to the highest technological level.
The components used when installing the system for the first time can also be used again if it is necessary to adapt or change the layout of the system. The LSM8 system features a small number of components, all standard and suited to be kept in stock. The central element is the capital, available in different variants depending on the position of the column in relation to the structure, and designed to ensure simple and fast assembly between the beams and columns. The 8-fold sigma profile beam, essential for covering long spans, is available in various sizes and thicknesses. Different heights (250 and 300 mm), different thickness (from 2 to 4 mm) and the use of appropriate steel grade mean the beams can achieve very high performance. The LSM8 mezzanine floor, being a fully self-supporting structure, is designed and built to meet static and dynamic load requirements that take into account several risk factors, including seismic events on request.

Vertical Storage Systems

VERTIMAG is an automated storage system having a modular design. This system works on a ‘goods to man’ principle, consisting of two sides of racks where metal containers, served by a lift device, are located. It is the ideal solution for handling materials of every size, weight and dimensions. VERTIMAG has a considerable vertical extension and as an option is designed to have more than one workstation on the same machine.

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